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  • Welders must be able to pass the following weld tests in accordance with AWS D1.1; FCAW (Gas Shielded), (Complete Joint Penetration with backing) 1.0” plate. Vertical up, Bend Test GMAW Spray (Gas Shielded), (Complete Joint Penetration with backing) 1.0” plate, flat, Bend Test GMAW (Short Circuiting) (Gas Shielded), FCAW (Gas Shielding) ¼” fillet welds W4 beam to plate in the horizontal position, Visual Inspection
  • Ensure all welding is performed in accordance with approved Welding Procedure Specifications
  • Experience with thermal cutting, (Plasma and Gas)


  • Fitters must be able to pass a fillet weld Visual and Rupture Tests in accordance with the AWS D1.1; FCAW and GMAW (Short Circuiting) gas shielded in each position Flat, Horizontal, Vertical and Overhead, welds are 2.0” long by ¼” fillet welds in a T-Joint performed on plate


  • Communicate with Supervisor in all aspects of work (Safety, Productivity and Quality) Ensure only correct Welding Procedure Specifications and Welding Wire are utilized Maintain good housekeeping and a safe work environment are maintained

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